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visionary funk, roots fusion

& other musical wizardry

Ignat Karmalito – project vision & direction, field research, field recordings; music composition, arrangement, programming, mixing, production; video shooting & editing, artwork & design; vocals, keyboards, pianos & synthesizers, percussion & drums, kalimba, array mbira, various flutes, harps, kanun, santoor, cymbalom, moungongo mouth-bow, electric guitar, electric bass

the San Bushmen of the Kalahari (Namibia, Botswana) – vocals, clapping, percussion

Ebando Bwiti family (Gabon) – vocals, percussion

Maviango na Miloungui (Gabon) – moungongo mouthbow

Takashi Numazawa (Japan) – drums

Toshiyuki Mori (Japan) – keyboards, synthesizers

Mitsuru Nasuno (Japan) – electric bass

Tomokazu Sugimoto (Japan) – electric bass

Anyango (Kenya/Japan) – nyatiti, vocals, kayamba

Attila Manju (Goa) – vocals

Aline Navarro Hueyo (Argentina) – vocals

Latyr Sy (Senegal) – djembe

Kosuke Tsuji (Japan) – percussion

Tarun Bhattacharya (India) – santoor

Mikhail Rebrov (Russia) – flute

Dubbydubich (Belarus) – bansuri flute

Boris Belyaev (Russia) – electric guitar

KetaRa (Japan) – space guitar

Naoyuki Uchida (Japan) – recording engineer, live dub mix

Masuko Tatsuki (Japan) – recording engineer

Farr a.k.a. Calm (Japan) – analog audio mastering

Mitsukazu “Quincy” Tanaka (Japan) – mixing, mastering

Sawada Megumi (Japan) – video editing, live projection

Sean Caulfield (South Africa) – artwork

Sam Brown (USA) – artwork

Lifetime Boogie (Japan) – executive production


In dedication to Life, the great Beyond,

the Divinity in our ancestors, us, and our offspring...

Proceeds from sales of the records above are redirected to

ReRoot Foundation - a non-governmental non-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting the traditional arts and culture of underprivileged indigenous communities in central and southern Africa.

From the raw immaculate wilderness of the African jungle and desert to the sophisticated technological refinement of the global village...

INTERSOUL is a dedicated musical exploration of ancient trance technologies employed in indigenous healing dance rituals of the San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert and traditional rites of passage of the Babongo Pygmy people of the equatorial African rainforest, meticulously studied and deliberately reinterpreted by the Visionary Funk envoy at the tribal elders’ consent - reintroducing ancient medicine-music algorithms into the rapidly evolving world of the now, while taking utmost care to retain their full magical potency, if not to enhance it.


A high-energy-network-activating adventure through the deepest reaches of the One Soul we all are...

In a virgin forest by a vast ocean, within an incessant flow of Self-reflection bestowing mystical revelations, the all-encompassing dance of existence is so evident, the Witness is lost in the pulse of Eternity...

Accommodating a balanced interplay of sounds of nature and the cyberspace, ecstatically swinging between organically natural and synthetically man-made, marrying ancient polyrhythms and futuristic grooves, the intricately-detailed sonic textures of HEART DANCE reflect the dynamic of ever-celebrating the mutually-enriching bonding of seemingly disparate layers of Being...