The Embassy of Oneness

Ministry of Visionary Funk

Eco-Fusion & other Musical Magic

Representing & celebrating

the equilibrium

of primordial and futuristic,

indigenous and alien,

native and universal,

rational and intuitive

Ignat Karmalito – project vision & direction, field research, field recordings; music composition, arrangement, programming, mixing, production; video shooting & editing, artwork & design; vocals, keyboards, pianos & synthesizers, percussion & drums, kalimba, array mbira, various flutes, harps, kanun, santoor, cymbalom, moungongo mouth-bow, electric guitar, electric bass

the San Bushmen of the Kalahari (Namibia, Botswana) – vocals, clapping, percussion

Ebando Bwiti family (Gabon) – vocals, percussion

Maviango na Miloungui (Gabon) – moungongo mouthbow

Takashi Numazawa (Japan) – drums

Toshiyuki Mori (Japan) – keyboards, synthesizers

Mitsuru Nasuno (Japan) – electric bass

Tomokazu Sugimoto (Japan) – electric bass

Anyango (Kenya/Japan) – nyatiti, vocals, kayamba

Attila Manju (Goa) – vocals

Aline Navarro Hueyo (Argentina) – vocals

Latyr Sy (Senegal) – djembe

Kosuke Tsuji (Japan) – percussion

Tarun Bhattacharya (India) – santoor

Mikhail Rebrov (Russia) – flute

Dubbydubich (Belarus) – bansuri flute

Boris Belyaev (Russia) – electric guitar

KetaRa (Japan) – space guitar

Naoyuki Uchida (Japan) – recording engineer, live dub mix

Masuko Tatsuki (Japan) – recording engineer

Farr a.k.a. Calm (Japan) – analog audio mastering

Mitsukazu “Quincy” Tanaka (Japan) – mixing, mastering

Sawada Megumi (Japan) – video editing, live projection

Sean Caulfield (South Africa) – artwork

Sam Brown (USA) – artwork

Lifetime Boogie (Japan) – executive production


In dedication to Life, the great Beyond,

the Divinity in our ancestors, us, and our offspring...